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Dublin Postcards

Get a quick slice of art in your life with a pack of South Dublin mini prints. All proceeds (70% of the list price) go to the excellent charity Choose Love (aka Help Refugees, see my Help Refugees Fundraising page for more info).  


Post them to your isolated loved ones, stick them on the fridge, or use as a gift card with a bottle of something. A pack of six cards  is 12 + p&p* (one each of the below designs). A double pack is €20 + p&p (12 cards, two of each design). 

Please use the form here to order.

Note this is a new venture for me, so there maybe some stocking issues to start with as I work out the level of interest. Rest assured you'll get your postcards, but it may take a couple of  weeks!

The Vico
Coliemore Fisherman
Swim Lads (Coliemore)
Bullock Harbour
Onshore Wind (Bullock Harbour)

*Postage and packaging is 1 for Ireland, and 2 (or the equivalent in your currency) for the rest of the world.

For my UK peeps, single packs are £11 and double packs £18

For my USA peeps, single packs are $13.50 and double packs $23.50

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