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Help Refugees Fundraiser

For the next while, I'll be donating a percentage of the list price on my paintings (and now all proceeds from postcards - see the newest batch here) to Choose Love (formerly known as Help Refugees). You can see how we're doing at my fundraiser page here

As well inflicting a death toll of roughly half a million (including 55,000 children), the war in Syria has alone displaced around 12 million people, many of whom are now stuck in hellish refugee camps across Europe and the Middle East. Particularly vulnerable are the thousands of unaccompanied children among them. More generally, left-behind people are being even more left behind at the moment, and it's vital we protect their human rights and provide them essential supplies.


Help Refugees do a brilliant job of this, providing aid and advocacy for refugees around the world. I volunteered with them a few years ago at the Calais "jungle" camp, and while the humanitarian situation was utterly depressing and chastening, I was totally inspired by the organization and the efforts of Help Refugees. I've been fortunate enough to work with remarkable people as an astrophysicist, but I was just as blown away by the creativity, dedication and all-round brilliance of those working at Help Refugees. 


A very reasonable concern is whether I'm using a charitable cause to promote my art here. A couple of comments on this. It works both ways - I am also promoting the charitable cause, which I hope provides some benefit beyond just the money raised. This wouldn't be the case if I donated half my income anonymously. However, I totally understand if it makes you uncomfortable; if this is the case I'd encourage you to donate directly to refugee charities, and/or support other artists, who also need it at this difficult time. 

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