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Cambridge exhibition, etching, and a few sketchbook pages

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Break, 60x45 cm, oil on canvas

Carlos's Regulars #2, 25x20cm, oil on linen-board.

Exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary

My exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary Art is coming to an end - closing this Sunday. The opening event was a blast, with loads of friendly old and new faces dropping in, berets and all. The work is all on the CCA website here (or feel free to contact me if you're interested in anything!).

More Etching

I've been etching quite obsessively, working on a series of prints which will form an important part of my MA show in Cambridge in September. These all use copper plates, and a range of etching methods (hard and soft grounds, aquatint). If you are in the Cambridge area, and want to hear a bit more about the process, I'm happy to show you the plates and tell you a bit about how it works. One of the etchings is currently showing at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Summer show - see their website for more details - there's a load of cool stuff to see there.

Why can't they draw fruit (Onsen) #3, etching and aquatint, 40x30 cm.

Sketchbook pages since last time

I'll start throwing in a few random sketchbook pages since my last post. This time it's some Elm Tree punters and commuters.

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