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Life by the sea or in the country 

Seaswimmers of the World
Vico Bathers III
Forty swimmers and a Dachshund
Colimore lads
Early down the Vico
Machaire Rabhartaigh
East from Cuan Pier
Ventry Beach I
Dingle Trawlers, dusk.
Clogher Strand
West from Cuan Pier
Converstations at Bullock Harbour
Seapoint Thinker
Vico Philosopher
Conversations at Hawk Cliff
Colliemore Fishermen
If on a winter's night a traveller
Seapoint Thinker II
Ventry sketch
Schoolhouse and snorkelers (north from Ventry Pier)
Inis Tuaisceart the giant sleeps
Vico Bathers I
Vico Bathers II
West Pier II
Coliemore Fisherman, Miami Skies
Finnegan's at Dawn
Kiliney Beach (Mazunte)
Dalkey Island
Sea Cabbage
Ugly Dalkey II
West Pier III
Ugly Dalkey I
Swim lads?
Sorrento Chimneys
Clouds over Seapoint
Forty Foot legs
White Rock Steps
Bullock Harbour II
West Pier I
Dalkey Quarry II
Dalkey Quarry I
Vico Baths III
Bullock Harbour Jumpers
Early swim (White Rock)
Fishermen, Dillon's Park
Onshore Wind I
Vico Baths II
Onshore Wind II
Vico Baths
Bullock Harbour 1
Lockdown company
Blue Cottage, Bullock Harbour
Blue Cottage, Bullock Harbour II
Footy Foot (April 2020)
D538, Bullock Harbour
Paddy Hon's Shed
Quarantine scene I
Trespasser I
Trespasser III (Devin's)
Trespasser II
Cattle II
Castle Hill (Oldcastle)
Oldcastle Church
Cattle I (Oldcastle)
Lockdown Still Life
Stoney Road
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