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New studio! upcoming printmaking shows, and straight-from-the-studio #3

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Hello all, I've been busy moving into my new studio space at St Barnabas Press in Cambridge. I'm sharing below the first oil painting I've done there. It's inspired by some drawings I made of the backs of Camley Street (between King's Cross and Camden) garages at dusk. Might go back there sometime with my oils.

Also shown above is a picture of the (quite cozy) space - probably the cleanest it will be for some time, I will take consolation from Francis Bacon's reconstructed den at the Hugh Lane in Dublin which I went to see recently.

I also saw there this incredible oil painting by Laura Knight, with a beautiful but very dated ("Mrs Harold Knight"!) gilded frame...

This weekend I'll be dropping off a couple of etchings for Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. It's an art fair focused just on contemporary printmaking, with 1000+ prints, from the likes of Tracey Emin to chancers like me. Very excited to have a couple of works in there. It's 26th-29th October - let me know if you want to go, I may have a couple of spare tickets.

Straight from the Studio

I'm offering a couple of etchings, beautifully float-framed by Julian at Cambridge Art Services: "Why Can't They Draw Fruit? #1" (framed size 45x35cm) and "Why Can't They Draw Fruit? #2" (framed size 55x40cm). The former won the East London Printmakers Prize at the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers international open exhtibition (see the dorky pic of me). Both are limited to editions of 10, and are priced at £275 and £325 framed (way less than what I can charge at galleries due to commission). Higher res images of the images themselves are over on my printmaking page.

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