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My recent work has been based on my experience of living in Cambridge. Having moved here in October 2020, I've thoroughly explored the city streets at night, and also various different aspects of the contents of my small but comfortable flat, including myself.

In my most recent self-portraits, I had fun imagining dressing up ostentatiously to go out, and also tried to examine my own male, orientalist gaze.


Moving outside, I've walked around Cambridge almost every night since I moved here, and have cherished the peace and beauty of the city at night. This has been the material for around 25 ink drawings (the majority done with only brown, blue and black ink). 

I've tried to draw every day during lockdown, which invariably involves drawing the contents of my flat, often multiple times.... 

So recent day trips out to the fens and the Suffolk coast have felt very refreshing. I love going to new places and taking them in through drawing and painting. I also travel there again virtually, by revisiting drawings and photos to make new paintings.

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