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I'm Niall. I'm a cosmologist by trade but have spent the last while painting, drawing and floating around Mexico among other places. This website is my record of things I've seen and painted.

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Most of the pieces displayed have a price for the original. Prints are generally also available - enquire for pricing on these if not listed.

If you'd like to buy an original or a print, or have any questions, or just want to say hello, you can use the form at the bottom of the page (or just contact me directly if you already have my contact details). I sign them as I sell them. Framing and postage and packaging are not included in the prices quoted.

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Recently I've mostly worked on the road, attempting to travel light, with a few watercolor paper pads and gouache paints. I like gouache. It can achieve anything from the dreamy spontaneity of a watercolor through to layered, vibrant opaque strokes of life. 

A selection of recent work is distributed across the galleries below. Click on an image below to get to one of the galleries, and then click on an image for more info (e.g. an anecdote, prices, dimensions etc.)

in the dream there was no one familar;

I met only the black scrutiny 

of an apricot tree in bloom, turning

around as it left suddenly

perhaps it was left there one summer 

when the world was as white as a feast,

before I had learned that a dreamer

must dream like the trees, be a dreamer 

of fruit to the last

from Alphabet, Inger Christensen


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